Friday, 29 July 2016

Bringing it back

       I'm  surprised this is still here, I had honestly forgot all the passwords and figured that google would have deactivated the blog due to inactivity. But! Not the case. I missed writing on one of these and was looking at bringing something along the same lines of what this used to be. Since this is here and already set up, Ill just pick up where I left off!

      At the core of this blog is hobby, anything that I find interesting or fun will no doubt find its way here. Be it tabletop wargames, video games, painting etc, ill write about it here.

     Our gaming group is seeing new life thrown back into it with the structure brought about with The General's Handbook for Age of Sigmar. anyone reading this blog can expect to see campaign reports, battle reports, painting posts etc. The excitement around that game is back to the good old days of when 8th Ed Fantasy came out. I will be adding to my already extensive Daemons with some Slaves to Darkness (the old Warriors of Chaos) and the Everchosen. Trevor is getting a Stormcast Eternal Army on the go and Fraser is keeping his Empire. We plan on playing through the entire set of Realmgate Wars Campaign.

    40k is a bit of a backbench/when we are bored game for our group at the moment. At my last writing I think I had a starting of a Grey Knights Army. Well, that's changed, I built a massive Iyanden Force of Eldar, a medium force of Dark Eldar and some Harlequins as well. The way 40K works now, they all kind of work together. Im not too sure what direction to take all that in, so ill probably share my thoughts here. Bonus for 40k, with AoS being round base, all my demons are all of a sudden playable in 40K. BAM, insta-army!

    Warhammer Silver Tower is another game that we are playing, great set of rules and the narrative is great! We have already started the campaign and have the first piece of the amulet. Ill write up a quick rundown of myself and Fraser's trek into the Silver Tower, then as we continue the campaign ill provide encounter reports, Trevor should be coming into the fold for our next game.

    Our household is moving, Taryn and I bought a house! And with that I'm putting a finished games room in the basement, along with a custom table that a friend of her family is going to help me make a reality. I sent him the plans that I found on the internet, Ill be keeping record of that as it happens as well.

    Also in the games room will be a full paint station ( no surprise there). And my games computer, about a year ago I bought an Obutto Revolution gaming cockpit. It's a dream to sit in and game. I've been following Star Citizen closely, flying around in a spaceship in that thing with a HOTAS setup is pretty sweet. Another game on the horizon is No Man's Sky, a proceduraly generated space exploration game that I'll be playing on PS4. I think that when that game comes out I'm going to try my hand at streaming my experience, I think the social aspect of sharing your game play is a neat idea.

That's the broad strokes of whats going on and what's coming up! The blogging will be slow at first as I get my feet under me again. Expect Silver Tower encounter reports first, then once the new games room is being set up ill add painting blogs and then Campaign/ battle reps. Who knows! maybe some video game reviews for Total War: Warhammer and No Man's Sky.

Cheers for now,

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hello again

Hey folks,

Been a while... I kinda stepped away from blogging and really the hobby in general there for a bit.Didn't really have much to talk about and quite frankly I probably needed the break.

But, with the new Daemons book out I'm quite excited again. I've put together what I think is a good list at 2400. I'm leaning quite heavily towards nurgle this time around. Although I did pick up a skull cannon right at release, my attention quickly shifted as my buddies and I went over list possibilities. I'll post the list at the end for anyone who still checks this blog to take a look.

Another bit of fun stuff going on in the local area is a 1500 pt painting challenge. I've entered with a 1500 pt vampire list. I am however the only fantasy player in the challenge so I won't be partaking in the tourney at the end. The largest concentration of players in the area are 40K. I'll do my best to post up the pictures as I get the units completed.

Here is the daemon list that I'm currently putting together for painting.


Great Unclean One lvl 4 with exalted gifts and lesser gifts



Herald of nurgle. Lvl 1 bsb locus of virulence


45 plague bearers with FC and the banner of swiftness


Beast of nurgle

Beast of nurgle

3 Nurglings


Soul grinder with the mark of nurgle. Warp gaze and the daemonbone claw

3 plague drones with the deaths heads upgrade

So, obviously very nurgle heavy.... I've taken the exalted gifts on the great unclean one to protect epidemius with the portalglyph.

Basically he stays in the warp while the tally goes up. I've got the soul grinder with warp gaze doing bolt thrower shots until the army gets into combat. I've toyed with the phlegm bombardment upgrade on this guy but the long range shot removing armour saves is appealing to me. My army can deal pretty well with low save infantry. I struggle with MC and multi wound until the tally is up higher.

I'm a fan of the plague drones but have not used them yet they may be coming out of the list. I think the deaths heads upgrade will make anyone thing twice about charging them. So they may find themselves out in front of the main group more often than not.

Anyways that's the idea. Feel free to thumbs up the list or tell me I'm doing in wrong. Love the input.

Take care for now,