Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hello again

Hey folks,

Been a while... I kinda stepped away from blogging and really the hobby in general there for a bit.Didn't really have much to talk about and quite frankly I probably needed the break.

But, with the new Daemons book out I'm quite excited again. I've put together what I think is a good list at 2400. I'm leaning quite heavily towards nurgle this time around. Although I did pick up a skull cannon right at release, my attention quickly shifted as my buddies and I went over list possibilities. I'll post the list at the end for anyone who still checks this blog to take a look.

Another bit of fun stuff going on in the local area is a 1500 pt painting challenge. I've entered with a 1500 pt vampire list. I am however the only fantasy player in the challenge so I won't be partaking in the tourney at the end. The largest concentration of players in the area are 40K. I'll do my best to post up the pictures as I get the units completed.

Here is the daemon list that I'm currently putting together for painting.


Great Unclean One lvl 4 with exalted gifts and lesser gifts



Herald of nurgle. Lvl 1 bsb locus of virulence


45 plague bearers with FC and the banner of swiftness


Beast of nurgle

Beast of nurgle

3 Nurglings


Soul grinder with the mark of nurgle. Warp gaze and the daemonbone claw

3 plague drones with the deaths heads upgrade

So, obviously very nurgle heavy.... I've taken the exalted gifts on the great unclean one to protect epidemius with the portalglyph.

Basically he stays in the warp while the tally goes up. I've got the soul grinder with warp gaze doing bolt thrower shots until the army gets into combat. I've toyed with the phlegm bombardment upgrade on this guy but the long range shot removing armour saves is appealing to me. My army can deal pretty well with low save infantry. I struggle with MC and multi wound until the tally is up higher.

I'm a fan of the plague drones but have not used them yet they may be coming out of the list. I think the deaths heads upgrade will make anyone thing twice about charging them. So they may find themselves out in front of the main group more often than not.

Anyways that's the idea. Feel free to thumbs up the list or tell me I'm doing in wrong. Love the input.

Take care for now,


Monday, 3 December 2012

Zombies!! Return to the blogging world!!

Hey Folks,

                    Been a long while since I've posted on here. August I think. Anyways, lots has been going on in my life. Haven't had much time to dedicate to gaming. Between work and the little guy and another great thing going on ;), I've been quite busy. All in all everything is going really well.

                 So , with the holidays coming up and work winding down I have a chance to talk about games for the last little while. In the past month ive done next to no gaming or painting. Back in October there was a Fantasy tournament at Hydra Hobbies and Comics. Yours truly took the best overall trophy with a Daemon list that I had been meaning to try for a long time. Very fun three round tournament and as always everyone was a good sport and we all had a great time. Ill post on the Daemon list I took and why I thought it would be a good list in a future article.

               This saturday Im playing in a 40k tournament 1850 points, again at Hydra. So far Mike tells me that there are 12 people registered. Ill be taking my Grey Knights. It wont be an optimized list seeing as I dont have a whole lot of models but it should do ok. Im more of a Fantasy player but the tournament sounds like a lot of fun so Im going to give it a go. Not expecting to win but it should be a good time.

            More recently I've been working on Zombies. I have a plan to have a list with 200 zombies in it for my vampire counts and I've finished the first 10 in the last evening or two. However blogger wont let me upload photos at this time. :(. Ill add some photos when it starts working.

         So, things to look for in the future, more photos, more game theroy articles and random thoughts. Im planning on getting back in the groove of writing so hopefully ill get more creative. I've got some great ideas with my Vampires and some cool tactics that work with the Daemons quite well.

Till next time keep gaming!



Sunday, 19 August 2012

oh Noes!


             Im on the couch again after my 4th knee surgery, hopefully the last one. As im laying here I've built all the new models that I spoke about in the last post I put up but havent been brave enough to try my hand at painting cause the morphine is making me quite shaky and I kinda fall asleep randomly.

         So, as I result of this I've been watching movies and reading a lot about wargames and stuff. Then I got really really bored and I did something I told myself I would never do. I started looking at MMO's, sigh, so much fun but so time consuming. Then I saw the new Star Wars MMO was on for 14 dollars and I decided to give it a try. I must say as far as gameplay goes its pretty standard for MMO's which is not a bad thing, but what sets this one apart is the storyline and the dialogue which is huge for me. Im not a fan of end game raiding, but with this storyline varying from race to race and class to class ill probably play the game through a few times just to see what happens. And being Star Wars its very hard for me not to like it.

So, with that being said, I can see an impact on how much hobby stuff I get done but hopefully not too much.  Back to the virtual world for me!



Thursday, 16 August 2012

Good news in games at my house!

Hey Folks,

                  Good news I was able to trade in my Chaos Space Marine Army for a bunch of new models to add to my current armies! I picked up an Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh, the new Blue Scribes model. 2 Boxes of Pink Horrors some Spirit Hosts and a box of Grey Knights which will be my Purgation Squad.

In other news I've been mentioning around the Area that I am looking at getting into commission painting. So I'm currently working on a Witch Hunter for a friend of mine as well as a guy at the store has showed interest in me painting his entire Grey Knight army for him. This is great news for me as I dont have a ton of free cash to hobby with these days and the commission painting will feed the addiction. :).

With the new models comes new lists, here is a list that I'm thinking of with the Daemons.

Lord Of Change w/ Twin Heads and Master Of Scorcery ( Lore Of Life)

Herald of Nurgle BSB w/ Standard Of Chaos Glory

Herald of Tzeentch w/ Mastery of Scorcery( Light) and Spell Breaker

The Blue Scribes


20 PlagueBearers Of Nurgle FC w/Standard Of Seeping Decay

40 Pink Horrors FC w/ Changeling w/ Icon Of Scorcery


3 Screamers Of Tzeentch


2 Fiends Of Slaanesh

Exalted Seeker Chariot Of Slaanesh

2460 ish

Simple enough list very magic heavy, lots of + to cast. The blue scribes gets me extra power dice. The lore of light on the Nurgle guys should make them a very good combat unit. And the standard of chaos glory should slow down the daemonic instability.  The Chariot will probably go on a flank to deal with people hitting the pink horror unit. Quite the compact list but buffs and tricks should do well for me, not to mention the 40 man 4+ ward save lvl 4 wizard unit.

The plan is to hold back and hit with magic, buff up the nurgle unit and countercharge with fiends and Chariot

Thats it for now!