Monday, 24 October 2016

Gaming Table!

Hey Folks

So, I've been learning how to do some woodworking. My buddy said he would show me the ropes, so the first project was naturally a game table for my games room in the basement. And its all done!

Here are some photos.

 We started with plans for a dining room table that would allow for the playing surface that I needed. Just a regular barnyard style table.

The table itself before we added the awesome to it.

We built an "X" style cross section to border our playing surface and set us up for the drop down shelves and the cup holders at each corner.

I don't have photos of the drop down shelves being made, you'll get the idea at the end. It was a bit of a trial and error thing. We took square pieces of wood, cut them at an angle ( 10 Degrees). Put some hinges on it and voila.


 I was really happy with the stain we used, turned out really well, took a while to dry.


Finished product, with the realm of battle board inside! Turned out pretty ok I think!

Here is the first shot with the drop down shelves. I threw in those raised pieces so the fellas would have a spot to throw dice on. After actually throwing dice on it I'm not sure if its required due to the size of the shelf surface. But whatever, its there and dice will not fall off.

Overall I'm pleased with the outcome, I learned a ton and I have a nice piece of furniture for my basement that isn't an eyesore. The next step is to get a topper for it, I've left myself a lip on the top of border so that I can play games that aren't Warhammer with it. Its lower on the priority list, but ill make one eventually.

That's all for now! Comments below!



Tuesday, 4 October 2016

New Digs

Well, the move happened and I've gotten the games room set up, minus the table. Here are a few photos of the setup.  Going from left to right across the room.

There are plans in the works to build a custom game table, a buddy of mine is going to show me the ropes of woodworking. I'm hoping that we can smash it out by end November as the weekends in October are already all booked up. Ill provide updates as we build it.

    As it goes with most summers, games have kind of fallen off the rails. When we do meet we play Silver Tower which has turned out to be really enjoyable. There are some really neat twists and turns built into the game and the encounters are getting progressively more difficult. We are sitting at 5 shards right now. I had meant to provide a play by play rundown for the blog here, but I only just unpacked all of the things to make that possible. All in all Trevor's Mistweaver has been the star of the show, she's helped out a ton. My Darkoath Chieftain isn't as fighty as I thought he would be and Fraser tends to hold his own with the Bearded Diaper wearing Dwarf. I think if we get another round in I'll probably play with the Slaughterpreist that I got with last month's White Dwarf, which leads me to my next point of discussion.

NEW WHITE DWARF!!! Honestly, I hated their weekly magazine. The new monthly magazine has been completely revamped. It has promotional incentives, like the Slaughterpreist. This month its the comic. The articles are well done, tons of free rules, paint guides, battle reports. It just feels like a solid gaming magazine. If you have been turned off in the past by the direction white dwarf was going as basically a buying guide, give this new one a go, you'll be pleasantly surprised. They still plug their merchandise, but there's so much other content in there its easy to blow by it.

I've been playing World Of Warcraft Legion, which is normal for me with a new expansion, I usually check them out to see where the game is at. Honestly, its the best expansion that I can remember. Lots of content, dungeons are relevant now, the world quests are solid and the new loot system makes it a bit easier for non-hardcore players to get loot. I'm not sure if ill continue playing it as much as I have been, I've got a few other games that I've been playing. Namely Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Ill be participating in Diablo 3's season 8 when that drops in a few weeks.

We also got a Wii U last week randomly, so there's been a ton of family gaming going on with Mario Cart and all the old school Mario Bros. and Zeldas. Been tons of fun.

That's about all I have for now, till next time!